Searching the Wagon Database

   You may search using any, or all, of the seven search criteria provided. 

   The drop-down  menus contain all available options for each criteria.

   You may use the Number field to search on a wagon number of your choice. 

   The results from your search may be sorted by selecting Location, Designed For, or Year Ascending.



The great majority of the data contained in this Wagons Database was gathered by the late

 John Robinson, fulfilling his role as Field Officer of the Transport Trust. Without his hard work and

 dedication, this information could not have been made available to such a wide audience.

 This Wagons Database is therefore dedicated to his memory, with gratitude.


The Wagon Survey Project is co-ordinated by The Friends of The National Railway Museum. 

The Wagon Survey contains details of 6000+ vehicles. More than 3900 of these have been photographed. Many images have been scanned from original photographs. Details were correct at the time of survey. If you have more recent information, or images (.jpeg format)  please  email us and we will update the web site. Images must be free of Copyright and free of charge.


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