IoWR 59 (body only) Goods Van

IoWR 59 (body only) Goods Van

IoWR  59 (body only) Goods Van
IoWR 59 (body only) Goods Van


Present Location Isle of Wight
Designed For IoWR
General type 4w Non-Vent Van
First Number 59
Present Number 59 (body only)
Other numbers S 46977
Status Awaiting restoration
Condition Good
Capacity (tons) 6
Operating No
Stored Under cover
Number of Wheels 4
Notes Rebuilt by Ryde works 1910. this van was 20' 4" x 7' 9" x 6' 10"; tare 5-16. fitted with a single side brake or possibly with a Westinghouse brake. Renumbered by Southern railway 8/24. Withdrawn 5/3/27 and body sold 6/28. Will be restored in future by fitting w-irons, wheels etc to the wooden underframe plus any other repairs required. Located at Havenstreet. Now under cover in the Train Story exhibition building.
Inspected by Colin Brock
Date of Inspection 18/01/2011
Photo by Nick Felton
Photo Date 19/08/2014
Date Record Last Updated 24/08/2014



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