LMSR M 5xxxxx (body only) Goods Van

LMSR M 5xxxxx (body only) Goods Van


Present Location SCRAPPED
County Location Pembrokeshire
Designed For LMSR
General type 4w Ventilated Van
First Number 5xxxxx
Present Number M 5xxxxx (body only)
Owner Private
Status Grounded body
Capacity (tons) 12
Operating No
Stored In the open
Number of Wheels 4
Gauge 4ft 8 1/2in
Wheelbase 10 ft
Rarity Many
Notes "Penlanisaf" Pontfaen, Pembrokeshire. Scrapped 2015.
Grid Reference SN 04180 35189
Inspected by Charles Best
Date of Inspection 01/05/2011
Date Record Last Updated 27/06/2018



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