PO GULF 54235 Fuel Oil Tank built 1964

PO GULF 54235 Fuel Oil Tank built 1964


Present Location SCRAPPED
County Location Pembrokeshire
Designed For PO
Built by Charles Roberts
General type 4w Class A Tank
First Number GCR 262
Present Number GULF 54235
Registration Number BR(D) 1211
Owner Gulf Oil
Diagram number 6/144
Status Static display
Condition Good
Capacity (tons) 32
Operating No
Stored In the open
Number of Wheels 4
Gauge 4ft 8 1/2in
Wheelbase 18 ft
Rarity Unique
Notes Static Display, Milford Haven. Removed/Scrapped 2009.
Grid Reference SM 90106 05893
Inspected by Andrew Jenkins
Date of Inspection 01/12/2001
Date Record Last Updated 29/01/2019



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