L&YR 5945 Brake Van built 1921

L&YR 5945 Brake Van built 1921


Present Location Kent East Sussex
Designed For L&YR
Built by LNWR
Where built Earlestown
General type 4w Brake Van
Specific type Crystal Palace
First Number 5945
Present Number 5945
Other numbers (KESR 104), AD 49025, LMSR 135945
Owner Kent & East Sussex Locomotive Trust
Diagram number 17B
Status Awaiting restoration
Condition Poor
Capacity (tons) 20
Operating No
Number of Wheels 4
Gauge 4ft 8 1/2in
Wheelbase 10 ft
Rarity Few
Notes Sold by LMSR to Longmoor Military Railway. Purchased by KESR in 1969.
Inspected by Andrew Jenkins
Date of Inspection 21/03/2009
Date Record Last Updated 03/02/2019



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